The Creative Economy and Right-Brained Thinking


“Fungi and Flowers”, Fred Tomaselli

One night recently I found myself in an internet wormhole, researching the question of whether a graduate arts degree was worthwhile.

I wound up on a simple, one-page article in the NYTimes from 2008, titled “Let Computers Compute. It’s the Age of the Right Brain“. It discusses the powerful potential of “right-brained” thinking and how it can be applied to the business world. The whole “think outside the box” cliche is essentially this; creative thinking when applied to problem solving can be far, far more valuable than standard, logical approaches.

Programming, number crunching and data analysis can be outsourced; creativity cannot. So for those of us with a creative inclination, this is wonderful news. Right-brained thought is commodified as it is celebrated.

I found it interesting that this article was pre-economy crash of 2008. I don’t think it would have made sense to publish this piece directly after the bank collapses in fall of ’08. So I’m happy this article made its way out there in time.

It’s a message Dr. Sperry seemed to understand when he accepted the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1981. “The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain,” he said, “is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you.”


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