Damn It Feels Good to Be a Content Strategist in NY

According to Indeed.com, a job posting site, content strategists in NY earn 25% higher salaries than worldwide. That’s good news for the home team!

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Content Strategy is still such a new concept to most CEO’s, so it’s an exciting field to be in at the moment as more and more jobs pop up. And it’s not surprising that NY is where the most competitive salaries are being offered. This is probably where companies are located that are most willing and able to invest in the cutting-edge, highly valuable yet relatively new “service”.

Hiring someone whose role is to survey and improve your website’s content is not considered a priority by many companies, especially those outside the digital media and web world. So those precious few that realize the value of excellent content and its impact on a business, are likely to invest in the matter.

Companies in the higher educational sector are the least likely to invest in Content Strategy, for a few good reasons outlined in this terrific post by blogger .edu Guru:

…when a problem is so big and you can’t even pinpoint where to start, many will choose to do nothing. Since many university sites lack any comprehensive business or marketing strategy when it comes to the creation and maintenance of content, literally every piece of information gets put out there, and it’s put out there by hoards of individuals that are ultimately not qualified to edit web sites.

It’s a pretty understandable scenario.

Now all I have to do is land one of these buggers.


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