Content Detecting Patterns

Spotting patterns is fun. Addictive. And as it turns out, professionally useful.

Especially if you’re a content strategist.

Patterns 1

Street Art, Tel Aviv

Literature & Interpretation

In a literary sense, patterns and themes are woven into texts. This is the type of stuff that non-lit fans claim is “looking too deeply into it”. I feel like you can’t look deep enough, when it comes to analyzing a well-written work of literature as long as you’re in a classroom with a great teacher, or are surrounded by people who know at least as much as you do about the author/topic and are open-minded.


In college, my whole world changed with one literature class – “Comp Lit 333: Psychoanalysis and Literature”. We examined the appearance of certain themes and symbols with psychoanalytic applications, in a wide range of classic and modern literature. Specifically symbols related to narcissism and Ovid’s myth. Ever since this class I cannot help but look twice everytime a mirror or a fountain appear in a love story, or a protagonist refers to his lover’s eyes as pools.


Content Curation & Content Strategy

In the world of content strategy, the ability to notice patterns is huge. A topic that keeps popping up, or a behavior that emerges and suddenly becomes so popular you don’t even notice it anymore. Recognizing these phenomena and calling attention to them is something a content curator like Brain Pickings does. You collect a bunch of something worth sharing, and organize them together under an interesting headline. Other people thank you, for said collection and neat packaging.


I love it.

Here’s an article in The Content Strategist with a slightly more professional explanation of the topic:

I think my college literature rofessors would be proud that I’m beyond content detecting patterns.


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