Content Strategy is Like the Tao

Content Strategy is like the Tao. You cannot speak of it, for then it will cease to exist.

@GerryMcGovern, a web expert with 18 years of experience, wrote ablog post today in which he declares “content” something that is best when not mentioned to senior management. CEO’s don’t place content at the top of their bottom line. Or the bottom of it. Or wherever is the best place for a concept in relation to a company’s “bottom line”. So when pitching content strategy to your CEO, McGovern posits, it needs to be presented in words that make sense to the CEO, and senior management. Things like improving the user experience, lowering the churn rate, enhancing sales flow, etc. are much more relevant and attractive concepts to someone managing a brand.

My take on McGovern is that he actually does believe in content, and content strategy. But that content strategy must grow a sort of thicker skin, or something, in order to thrive. It is sort of upsetting to read this, but I think McGovern sort of realizes this, and is rationalizing it by acknowledging it, and suggesting a strategy-to-strengthen-the-strategy.

Reminds me of an old SNL skit with Will Ferrel as George Bush, and the word “strategerie”.


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